Digital Docs, Inc.

Digital Docs specializes in meeting the technological, compliance, and documentation requirements of the financial and banking industries. We understand the importance of being able to process "any loan, any form, any field" off one document database while accurately updating the system of record. Regulatory compliance and risk analysis is at the core of our business.

Digital Docs, Inc. has created interfaces in conjunction with several leading loan origination systems in the mortgage industry and supports complete system to system data integration.
We take data from your preferred LOS and return complete document packages in seconds. As a bonus, all our packages have industry standard calculations, compliance audits, and product requirements instantly processed for you. You'll never be unsure of what your data is doing ever again.

We support whatever technology platform you use. Partial, seamless, and complete "lights-out" interface options are available to provide you our wide range of products and features. You can generate your Initial Disclosures, Prelim Closing Documents, Closing Documents, partial package orders, eSign orders, and even company-specific document packages efficiently and effortlessly.

With our web-based system as your backup, you'll be able to draw documents for loan products that may not even exist inside your LOS system: custom investor documents, USDA products, and complicated FHA boutique products. We offer thousands of options to better fit your loan process, from easy-to-use data import controls to extensive data compliance review calculations.

We designed our interface to support compliance and investor audits. The loan data is utilized to automatically provide the following audits:

  • Fully compliant Truth-in-Lending calculations
  • Section 32, State Anti-Predatory Lending, and Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac Agency 5% fee tests
  • FHA Data Analytics
  • OFAC Checks for each individual borrower
  • HUD-1/HUD-1A calculations with the ability to integrate with escrow systems for settlement agent support

Our document database facilitates the generation of new and existing loan products, creates and manages business rules for loan packaging, and integrates, audits, or re-calculates the financial calculations from the loan origination system technology. The document database is designed to electronically support any form needed to process, close, file, or service the loan package including pre-disclosures, loan applications, closing instructions, loan documentation, and funding instructions.

Integrated with Digital Delivery, Inc. Digital Docs is a Fannie Mae tested eSign technology provider. Digital Delivery, Inc. provides lenders and investors with complete eMortgage solutions as well as eConsulting services. The application is a web-based solution which includes eDisclosures, SMART Document creation and packaging, integration with Settlement Agents with the ability to support electronically signing title forms, integration with the MERS eRegistry (includes all eNote servicing functions), and eDelivery to the investor with a click of a button.

Features - Digital Docs integrates the following products, processes, and technologies into one service at a transactional price:

  • Standard forms creation and maintenance by Compliance Source
  • Custom forms creation and maintenance by Digital Docs
  • Product development project management in conjunction with the customer's legal and compliance department
  • Programming the loan product rules, financial calculations, and compliance audits on the document database
  • Monitoring loan products for state and federal compliance
  • Integration with Settlement Agents for dynamic HUD-1/HUD-1A preparation
  • Integration with eClosing Rooms
  • Maintenance of a secure data center meeting OCC requirements and GSE eCustodian requirements
  • Ability to use CalyxPoint with Webconnect, giving the ability to order documents without ever leaving the CalyxPoint Application.

Most vendors do not combine product development, risk analysis, product implementation, document preparation (i.e., calculations and form packaging), compliance audits (Section 32/OFAC), custom form maintenance, proactive compliance, change management, delivery options, tracking, reporting, data storage, and integration services into a single transactional price. But we do! This allows our customers to fix their costs while achieving efficient management of their loan product documentation.